Europe’s Best Composition Programs and Composer Masterclasses

Do you want to make beautiful music? Great! This means you are interested in attending some of the best composition programs in Europe. Music is an important part of many people’s lives, but most of them feel inspired and comfortable enough to only sing the songs others have already come up with. But what if you are among those who see music everywhere and love to create from scratch? Shouldn’t you be attending one of the best composition programs available in Europe? If you agree, this article is just what you need to help make up your mind about where to study. We have come up with a list with some of the best composition programs in Europe.


In Denmark – Master of Electronic Music Composition at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus

This is a very modern program, aimed at providing well-trained professionals to a market in high demand of electronic music. But do not think that this is a niched program that only prepares you for one thing. It is seen as a bridge between electronic music composition and other genres and students enrolled in this program will be just as well prepared to administer their own career as the others. Each student acquires the necessary knowledge and skills to become an electronic composer.

In Iceland – at the Academy of Arts in Reykjavik

Academy of Arts in Reykjavik

Academy of Arts in Reykjavik

The Reykjavik Composition program offers students the possibility to opt for various modules consisting of instrumentation, electro-acoustic, and music theory. And since many of these programs are forward thinking and adapted to the real requirements of the job market, these studies are backed by classes in which students can develop management, entrepreneurship and other practical skills they can put to good use in the music industry. These are meant to help them manage either their own career or help manage others. However, please note that for the Icelandic Masters of Arts in Composition program, only 4 places are available. If you wish to opt for this program, you must act fast.

In Spain – at the Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya

Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya

Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya

There are two main programs to take into consideration when it comes to the music institute in Barcelona. You can choose between Composition for Soundtracks and Music for Audiovisual Media and Composition with Technologies. Both programs take only one year to complete.

The program for Composition for Soundtracks and Music for Audiovisual Media is a very popular program. With so many new online and audiovisual programs being developed every day, soundtracks are just as important as the imagery is. We are talking here about advertisements, Internet clips, videogames, vlogs and other such forms of entertainment. Computer work is very important for this type of studies and the program puts at the disposal of students all the necessary tools to develop their skills.
The program for Composition with Technologies was developed in collaboration with other specialized institutions in the field, from Paris, Berlin, Helsinki, Krakow, and Tallinn. It covers many different technical aspects and aims at creating the professionals of tomorrow in sound engineering and composition.

In the UK – Master of Music in Composition and Creative Practice at the University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow

A full-time program that thoroughly prepares students for compositional careers. Among the great perks of the program there is the fact that students have the chance to start working in a musical organization right after graduation or have your work showcased in various settings. This program boasts with encouraging innovation in the field of music. Students are encouraged to experiment, and they have a lot of resources put at their disposal. Among the facilities of the University of Glasgow there is a Concert Hall. There are study halls, practice rooms and classical keyboards and other such instruments to admire. Among the optional classes students can choose from Creating from Technology, Introduction to Popular Music, Music, Sound and Screen, and Historically Informed Performance Practice.


Music composition can be studied anywhere, to be fair. There are some pretty good music schools in India as well, and we all know the competition of US institutions. However, there are some things that the European school of thought can offer that no other type of institution can: diversity and a passion for innovation and experimentation. Although composition in the minds of many is associated with what has been done in the past, namely with classical music, these updated music programs are a testament of the fact that these programs are innovative and capable of preparing the professionals of tomorrow.

Electronic composition, the incorporation of technology, students being encourages to try out new things and the programs that include career administration skills, are all sings of how well-tuned the program is with the demands of the real market. And it is all done in facilities that provide all the necessary resources and tools. This ranges from practice rooms, performance opportunities, study labs, concert halls, the latest computers and software used to create music and help with sound engineering.

Specialized programs are in no way more restrictive than general ones. The same attention is paid to helping students find a job and develop a career after graduation. This means that supportive skills are developed along with the specialized ones. Therefore, if you wish to become a sound engineer, you will still have musical theory to back up your knowledge and you will be able, at any time, to pass a well-informed critical opinion about a piece of music. This is what studying in one of the finest European music institutions can do for you.


Choosing a program for composition in Europe is no easy thing. Not because of lack of opportunities, but because there are so many of them. All universities boast in accommodating students from a number of foreign countries, making diversity and inclusion the main attributes. Even more reason to confidently choose the program that seems most appealing.