10 Most Prestigious European Institutions Dedicated to the Study of Music

Some of the best paid artists of the moment are DJs. Therefore, it should surprise no one that such a large number of people is interested in pursuing a musical career. And if there is any other notable change to be mentioned in this context, it’s the fact that the future generations of musicians are willing to go all in for their passion. Starting with doing the proper ground work and attending a prestigious music institution. And here is where solid research pays off. There are a number of great conservatories all over Europe, but how do you know which one is right for you? Which one will prepare the talented musician of the future? Which will give him technique, knowledge to fall back on and the inspiration he needs to take on the world and every stage in it?

Top 10 Most Prestigious European Music Institutions

1. Royal Academy of Music in London

This institution dates back to 1822 and it is now one of the leading conservatoires in the world. Some of its most famous alumni are Sir Elton John and Annie Lennox to only name a few. This is England’s oldest school of music and one of the top music institutions in the world. Students of over 50 nationalities attend classes here in specializations such as opera, jazz, musical theater, composition or instrumental performance.

The Royal Academy of Music in London has the TEF Gold credential, offered to institutions that provide an outstanding level of teaching and great professional opportunities for students. A lot of attention is paid to musical career building and development and students are even encouraged to enter their respective professions as early as possible, even at the beginning of classes. Also, the facilities for students are worth considering.

2. Conservatoire de Paris

This college for music and dance was founded in 1795, so if you are looking for something with tradition, you found it! Although, in the beginning, the school offered training in both music and drama, in 1946, the two specializations were divided into two different Conservatoires. The Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris is an international top school, one level beyond most other music institutions and for which you need to have specific skills.

3. Sibelius Academy in Helsinki

The Sibelius Academy in Helsinki

The Sibelius Academy in Helsinki

This institution was established in 1882. Today, it takes pride in preparing over 1500 students with a staff of over 1000 professors as it is one of the best known and appreciated music institutions in Europe and in the world. The best thing about the approach at Sibelius is that they don’t try to turn you into anything. You become the best musician you can become with their guidance, support, and access to all school resources. A great place to study!

4. Royal College of Music in London

The Royal College of Music in London was founded in 1882 and it is now the second-best conservatoire in the world. More than 800 students from over 60 countries attend this school in undergraduate, masters or doctoral programs. If you are looking for an amazing place to study, look no further. You have found the one whose facilities are envied by most other music institutions. They are located directly opposite to the Royal Albert Hall and many of the buildings the students will frequent most often are bound to inspire them.

5. University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna

University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna

University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna

Apart from it being a race for the title of best music institution in Europe, it seems these universities are also running for the title of oldest music institution in Europe. The University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna dates back to 1817. It started out in 1812 as a “Society of the Friends of Music”, was founded as a school in 1817, got government support as of 1851 and was officially granted the title of university in 1998. There are around 800 professors for almost 3000 students, over 1000 annual events organized every year, and there are classes held in 24 departments.

6. Conservatorium van Amsterdam

If you love music but would also like to study in Holland, then you are in luck because the Amsterdam Conservatoire is one of the best music institutions in the world and the largest such institution in Holland. It was founded in 1884 and it now offers students programs in opera, classical music, jazz, pop, music education, early music. Like any self-respecting music institution, its building is equipped with four music halls of various sizes, perfect for recitals and other important annual events.

7. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

In 2016, this institution ranked sixth in the world, which clearly puts it in the running for the title of Europe’s finest and in our top. The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is situated in the heart of Glasgow and it is the best place for anyone training to become a dancer, a musician, a composer, a film maker, or an actor. There are 130 events planned every week in all of the locations of the institution, making it a very colorful experience for all students. The professors they have chosen are among the best in their field and are guaranteed to get anyone good and ready to perform on any stage of the world. The school campus is multicultural and diverse, a source of inspiration in itself.

And the list of amazing music institutions continues, but we felt we could not do justice to them all if we only got to mention them in a succession. All in all, the whole of Europe is ripe with wonderful music schools only the most talented of us can attend. It all depends on what you want to focus on and what each institution is known for. Look for what each place has to offer, what programs do they have for graduates, and how financially accessible the place is for you. Now, the difficult task of picking one falls on you and we hope you choose wisely.